Security Policy is committed to the highest level of security commercially available.

To keep sensitive information safe:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on areas of the site where you are entering personal or payment information. This means that this information is encrypted between your computer and ours, and no one else can normally decipher it. You can tell that you are in a secure area of by the small padlock displayed by your browser.

Credit Card Details

Because we use online credit card authorisation, your card details get transmitted directly and securely to the bank for processing. Therefore even staff do not see your card details (unless arranging a credit), making them even safer.

When you set up your account with, we do not ask for your credit card details. Instead we ask that you enter your card details for every purchase. This means that if someone discovers your account information, or your password, they do not have access to your credit card details.

We believe that shopping online with - with the carefully thought-out procedures mentioned above - is as safe or safer than using a credit card over the telephone or in a restaurant.

If you have any questions about security at please email them to